factory reset – MediaTek K80 is stuck , computer store tells me the firmware chip is corrupted

To start with I did a factory reset to wipe out my files and apps before giving my tablet to my niece.
After the reset the tablet is stuck at the screen with the android guy in the corner and MEDIATEK across the screen. it will not boot any further. I took the tablet to a repair store and 3 days later he tells me the chip is corrupted and he cant(be bothered?) do anything because its a Chinese clone?

I have researched many sites but cannot find a scatter file or rom image etc.. the following is what I have found inside my tablet:
On a stickered chip:

E960 V1.2 YK18091021
GXQ 2018/09/26


Android Version:7.0
Android Security Patch level: 1Feb.2016
Baseband version: MOLY.WR8.W1449.MD.WG.MP.V23, 2017/05/16 17:00
Kernel version:
c@c-S2600JF #2
ThuOct11 17:29:47 cst 2018
Build Number:
MRA58K test-keys
Custom Build version:

I am completely lost and would really appreciate any help possible.
Thank you in advance,
John Sweeney