fake “information service sites” found in spam mail

It appears that one of the emails I’m using has been getting a whole heck of a lot of spam lately. And I’ve come to recognize that some of the website domains after the @ symbol of these spammers are actually repetitive (but like with different IDs so you cannot like block the spammer). Here’re the domains I’ve noticed that have been repeated over and over (don’t worry, like I didn’t actually make any interactions with them apart from just looking at the contents, my computer has a virus protection and is still whole).


For the websites noted with a star, it appears that they like lead you to a little tab (on website) that allows you to “(un)subscribe” or like “submit your application.” Claiming how they’re just an information provider and are not responsible for the content they put out apparently. How do we actually unsubscribe from these sites?


Annoyed hotmail.com user