Feeds Module – Single Image field importing as Multiple Values

I’ve created a CSV feed via Views Export that exports out data for a content type. I’m then using Feeds to import that onto another Drupal site.

Everything except the images are working, when I run import it’s stating

Failed importing 2 RSS Item items.

The content failed to validate with the following errors:
Image (field_image): Image: this field cannot hold more than 1 values.
Please check your mappings.

The field in question on Site A has a single limited value of 1, and checking the CSV export it’s only showing one value, the absolute url of the image on Site A.

I’ve attempted to use Feeds Tamper and use all the plugins I can think of to fix this, but due to my freshness to Feeds and Feeds Tamper I’m not sure if this is a bug or misconfig on my part. Everything else is importing as expected onto Site B.

Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thanks!