filesystems – file system requirements for postgresql and/or mysql

I’m currently tasked with making postgresql run in kubernetes in azure using a azureFile for storage.

There are numerous posts and github issues stating that postgresql cannot run with azureFile. The biggest show stopper is the permissions requirement for the data directory (for which there are some workarounds)

But even if I work around the permissions problem there’s another – hard links.
Some github issues and docs (e.g. this, this and this) state that postgresql needs to be able to create hard links and we can see that from the error log in the fist link above.

Azure docs clearly state that hard links are not supported. I’ve been looking for official postgresql documentation on file system requirements, but I’m not finding any.

Can someone point me to official documentation where it’s stated that hard links are required?

I also have to look at mysql as an alternative, but this suggest I’ll be having the same issues.