finder – Lost folders after upgrade to Catalina. Do you have a chance to regain it?

Two days after upgrading to Catalina, I noticed that some subdirectories are missing. I'm not sure when these directories disappeared on vacation, but here's what happened.

  1. I switched to Catalina a few days ago
  2. Decided to delete some directories, mostly node_modules from old projects to get some free space.
  3. After that, I did not touch anything and found that some directories are missing when I get home.

Enter image description here

Original size of www Directory was somewhere around 55GB and similar size is displayed in Finder. DaisyDisk also shows that somewhere 55 GB are hidden files (it does not say where).

sudo du -sh www/ Displays the directory size of 10 MB.

Free space before deletion node_modules was 11GB and after clearing (now) is 20GB. If files under my www Directory was really deleted, free space would be much larger.

Because of other answers found here and on the Internet, I've tried the following:

  • Tried recovery with DiskDrill. No success.
  • Run First Aid under Disk Utility. No success.

what else can I try?