finder – ~ / .Trash permission is always gone after Time Machine backup

damaged trash

Every day, leave by ~ / .Trash is always gone (Pic1). And .Rubbish Zero byte file.

This means that I can not move files to the Trash and the Finder immediately deletes the files.

Every time ~ / .Trash go wrong, I fix the problem sudo rm -ri ~ / .Trash and restart the Mac to create a new recycle bin with normal permissions. But garbage does not work after 1 to 2 hours.

  • (Approval of the trash on the iCloud drive is not affected, which means I can still remove files on the iCloud drive to the Trash.)

What I tried

  • sudo rm -ri ~ / .Trash
  • remove and rebuild .Rubbish also on the iCloud path.
  • Use & # 39; Appy closed items … & # 39; from the home folder.
  • Just do not use an "optimization app" or "cleaner app".
  • Reinstall clean macOS.
  • Use disktuil on an internal drive and external drives.

Could be…

I guess the problem comes with Time Machine backup, but I do not know why.

Because I found out that the automatic backup of Time Machine will be run again the next time the Mac starts up when Time Machine's automatic backup is started and completed.

This happens for wired external Time Machine drives as well as for wireless drives on the NAS. This is the case even if I clean up the external drive and restart Time Machine from the empty drive.