Finding Restaurants – Restaurant Guides, Consumer Reviews, Professional Critics’ Reviews?

(I deleted my answer in the cooking exchange ).

When looking for restaurant suggestions and reviews, look for local resources.

Online news papers, online tourism web pages and forums; finding good reviewers and restaurant critiques can take a while because you need to know them and if you don’t have experience for critique in a city, it’s hard to know if they are good or bad.

When reading restaurant critiques, make certain they are not always giving out good reviews or bad reviews, they should have a balanced view.

You can also look for local reddit subreddits; there are probably subreddits for all major cities, where locals help people looking for suggestions (it’s always a good idea to do your homework before asking for recommendations). It was my main reference when planning before covid. is also a good resource, mostly for North America, but it sometimes have international listings and recommendations.

Chowhound used to be good but I haven’t been there for a while (I think it went bad when they changed (overcomplicated) the site structure.

Guide books are books and only offer a snapshot in time of restaurants in a city; they can quickly become obsolete.

And there are tons of web guides out there, use google and cross reference suggestions.

It’s fun planning for restaurants while preparing a vacation; I hope to do that soon.