Fine tune MariaDB to local development

How can I fine tune MariaDB for local work in my computer?
I use a LAMP server in Virtualbox my computer, for web design local development (only me).
The problem is I find the MariaDB slow. For example, sometimes it takes about 10 seconds to edit some WordPress pages in it’s Dashboard. I understand that a database server like MAriaDB is configured by default to handle the workload of many simultaneous connections. So, it must impose limits to them.
But, in this case, as there is only one person, I would like to lift all those limits and unleash the full power of it, so operations that take now 10 seconds can be done in 1 second or less.
So, what changes can I make in order to accomplish this? I have googled and made various changes to mariadb-server.cnf, but only accomplished litle speed. I use some tools to measure performance, and they all give me ultrafast PHP performance, but slow database one.
Also, it’s not mandatory for me to use MariaDB; I can stop using it and use other solution more adequate to this situation. Can somebody shed some light in here?