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Finland colocation? | Web Hosting Talk

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  1. Finland colocation?

    This isn’t going to be overly specific, but looking to see if there are any providers that I may have overlooked. We’re currently using Hetzner (rented) in this location and are looking for a colocation provider that meets the following general / open criteria.

    • IPv6 support – Seems silly to request this as it’s 2021, but plenty of places still don’t support it.
    • “Affordable” bandwidth – I know “affordable” is relative, and I understand that I won’t get Netherlands based bandwidth pricing. But we allocate about 100TB of bandwidth per each 1U server.
    • Accepts crypto – Most of our upstream providers do, and a very large portion of our revenue is crypto so it’s nice having the option to pay bills with it.
    • Budget is something I’ll discuss with the providers recommended, and not here.
    • Location isn’t overly important, though it seems Helsinki is the main hub there.
    • Ideally outside of Hetzner’s datacenter and with a company that is local (A Finnish company)

    Any suggestions?

    ( IncogNET LLC ) – Where Production Quality Meets Privacy
    Web Hosting in the Netherlands and Finland. “BS Blocking” VPN in six locations.

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