firefox – Gnome shell: automating windows and placement

First off, sorry if this isn’t the best formed question. I’ve tried to research the best part of the stack to focus on, but I’m still not 100% sure I’ve got it.

So, I’ll explain the outcome I’m after:

On Ubuntu 20.04 (GNOME Shell 3.36.9) I have a window configuration I set up every morning (for our company stand up): one Firefox window snapped to the right column with a URL open, and one snapped to the left column with another URL.

I understand how to open a URL in a browser, but the thing I want to automate is a little different:

  1. Open a new browser window in a new workspace (ideally at the top of the workspaces)
  2. Snap that window to the right
  3. Open another new browser window in the same workspace, snapped left
  4. Have both browser windows open the URLs I’m after
  5. Bonus points for opening them in the Firefox containers I use, but I appreciate that’s a Firefox issue, not a Gnome one.

Ideally this would be something I can script using bash or python.

My question is: is this sort of thing even possible? What APIs or tooling should I be looking at, or are there projects that do this sort of thing already? It seems like a useful thing to have, as everyone must have a set of common window setups they want to save.

My lack of understanding of the Gnome ecosystem is making this hard to search for.