fix users folder/files perm on cpanel server

Well, that’s a solution, but not a particularly great one.

In theory, you could actually reduce security. Some people might have stricter permissions than 755/644, and some scripts actively make that kind of recommendation, like WHMCS:…ation.php_File

Also I’d imagine (depending on the type of customer – which only you know) you will get users asking why their permissions were changed.

A better solution is to identify the problems being caused by “unsafe” permissions, and tackle those.

For example – if it’s a website getting hacked, consider a security solution like Imunify360 or ConfigServer eXploit Scanner.

If it’s spam (as a result of getting hacked), consider better tuning the server to handle such cases:…t-email-abuse/

Additionally you should consider educating your users on the use of safe CHMOD permissions and basic security practices (i.e. keeping software up-to-date, using strong and unique passwords, etc).