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I need a flow that sends and email whenever a threshold is reached.

I have a List (List1). On List1 are columns ‘CQTitle’ and ‘DaysRemaining’.

I have created a recurring Flow (Compliance Flow).

There are 1300 items on the list. The flow should only act upon those items with a ‘CQTitle’ that matches the string in the Condition, and only upon those whose Due Date is equal to ’30’.

Will the below do what I desire? And, if I need a email for ’60 Days’ and ’90 Days’ is it more appropriate to create three flows (one for each notification), or can each be addressed in this one flow?

Task: Once per day;
Get items from List1 (items to get: CQTitle and DaysRemaining);
Compare CQTitle to predetermined titles (based on string in Condition)
Determine if DaysRemaining equals ’30’ (based on sting in Condition)
if true send email,
if false do nothing

Compliance Flow Construction –
Recurrence: 1 Day
Get items: List1
Apply to each: Value
Condition: List1/CQTitles is qual to string(‘”Driver”,”Conductor”,”Brakeman”‘)
Condition: List1/DaysRemaining is equal to string(‘”30″‘)
If yes: Send an email
If no: