forms – One label for multiple fields?

I’m not very familiar with the accessibility and I need help for situation where I have multiple field and every field has same question. Is it ok to put all field under one label? For user who can see I think it is not too complicated, or what you think? But I am not sure is this suitable for user who use screenreader.

What I have read I found that every field should have label and I think that is definitely true for unique fields. But those articles does not has similar situation what I have. I thought that I could maybe find answer from here.

UI explained: At the start user has only one label and selection(no delete button). If user needs to add more countries it is possible by clicking “Add new country”. Every time button is cliked it adds new row with selection.

Do not focus words and things like that. UI is not going to be in English.

Thanks in advance!

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