forms – Widget Access not linked to NodeAccessControlHandler->checkFieldAccess

I have created a custom widget for a paragraph type (my_parag_type).

The parents of any my_parag_type are always a Node ($node->field_my_parag)

I have also extended NodeAccessControlHandler for my Nodes and, by this, the the field $node->field_my_parag can be edited only by some roles. I have done this by implementing MyCustomNodeAccessControlHandler::checkFieldAccess.

If I use the regular paragraph widget, everything is fine: only the allowed roles can see the widget.

If I use my custom widget, everybody can see/edit it, which is bad.

Important Note:

My widget, which is working well except this, doesn’t extends widgetBase for numerous reasons; it extends PluginSettingsBase (But it does implement WidgetInterface)

My question is: where Drupal is checking the field accesses to display a widget. I haven’t see any access stuff in the widgetBase class.