formulas – Google Sheets: SUM of the LAST value – apply across multiple columns

Use Case: I have multiple financial portfolios that cannot be connected to via API. I want to track my total balance across portfolios. I do not want to tally every portfolio every day – instead, I want to update individual portfolios ocassionally, and have a running “up-to-date total”

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This would be easy if Google Sheets had a REDUCE function. Here’s what I’ve tried:


I’ve also tried removing SUM and trying to just print the last values of each column using ArrayFormula.
I have also tried using =ArrayFormula(LOOKUP(2,1/(B3:D>0),B3:D)) as an alternative to get the last value of each column.

  1. How can I calculate the sum of last value across multiple columns?
  2. Why does GSheets not have a REDUCE function?

Thank you