Formulas – Multiple unique values ​​in worksheets in Google Sheets

I rarely use spreadsheets, but I thought creating a workbook for a contest would be really helpful. I'm not sure if what I ask for is possible without a custom function. I am grateful for any help that is offered.

I'm trying to create a template that tracks a weekly writing contest. Each week is evaluated individually and added at the end of the month. I wanted to have a hand holding the grand total. I thought I could do a UNIQUE () search on every spreadsheet and print a single column. After this answer I tried


This retrieves unique values ​​for each leaf, but arranges them in multiple columns. I was hoping to get just all the usernames in column A and then add the sums of each week in column B with a search formula. Here's the proof of concept workbook, if anyone can take a look.

Again, I appreciate any suggestions or instructions to get this going. If this is not possible, I can manually tabulate the grand totals, but I was hoping to streamline my workflow.