Forum Fun Zone (FFZ) | Forum Promotion


What is FFZ?
FFZ is a general discussion, forum game, and puzzle forum. We have forum games with rules to make them less spammy. Each game awards participation prizes and place prizes. We also provide weekly cryptogram puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, word search, and crossword puzzles that also award participation prizes and place prizes. Then of course, there’s our monthly scavenger hunt where we hide a bunch of emotes or images around the forums in various in places and send our members on the hunt to find them.

In addition to the fun aspect of the forum, we also offer a general discussion genre area, team forums and several suggestion threads for our members to make suggestions about different aspects of the forum.

We Have Teams!
FFZ has four teams that are randomly assigned to members. After joining a team, members are eligible to earn team points just for participating in different forum games and events across the site.

We Have a Monetary System & Shop!
We installed a monetary system for forum currency and a shop to spend the currency. You can earn the currency by posting around the site, participating in events and forum games, and winning events/forum games. That currency can then be spent in the shop to purchase forum rewards such as Mod for Day, Custom Titles, Custom Ranks, Styled Names, etc.

Come check us out at the Forum Fun Zone!