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Forum stock market information and jump start

– This is done according to a formula designed to determine the change in value for each share in a forums portfolio. It is fair and balanced. I have written the basic formula under the Forum Submissions section; There you can read if you want to try to close the process in the head.
– Every day at a certain time (for example, 20:00 US Mountain Standard Time (-7: 00 GMT)). The list is updated with the current and previous price of each share.
– You can buy or sell at any time. To buy, reply using the form provided in the stock exchange thread of the relevant forum and donate the cash immediately after publication to the person selling the stock. For sale, create a post requesting the sale of your shares in the same thread.

Example: You buy 10 shares of the Hogwarts School of Wizarding for $ 50 each. (Total 500 FP $). 2 days later, the value has risen to 60 FP $. You request a sale and receive $ 600. In that case, you have earned $ 100 more than you spent.

Make sure you buy stocks today Value!

If you add your forum to the list, you will be charged a non-refundable fee. This fee will launch your list of forums at a specific price. After you have explained some basic information about how stock prices work, you will find the registration form you need to submit your forum, which you will need to create your own thread that I can link to, and additional items that you will purchase You can increase the number of available shares and increase the initial start value (if desired).

Information about submission
Listing fee: This is the fee you have to pay when you post your forum on the stock exchange. This is non-refundable.
Starting price of the share: The starting price at which the shares of your forum begin.
Average daily number of mailboxes required for no change: This is the number of posts your forum needs to make on a daily basis so stock prices are not affected at all. The average is based on the total forum posts. Once your forum exceeds a certain number of posts, the daily average may change.
Price increases or decreases by 1 FP, per: This is the number of posts that need to be added in addition to the average to increase the price of your forum per 1 FP. This is also the number of posts that lower your price by 1 FP for so many posts below average.
Available standard shares: The number of available shares that you can sell to individuals interested in investing in your Forum stock. This amount can be increased by buying a share upgrade.

Listing fee: 500 FP
Starting price of the share: 25 FP
Average daily number of mailboxes required for no change:
Forums under 250,000 posts – 50 posts
Forums between 250,001 and 500,000 posts – 75 posts
Forums over 500,001 posts – 100 posts
Price increases or decreases by 1 FP, per: All 10 posts above or below average.
Available standard shares: 1,000 shares

To add your forum to the list (and include your thread in the list at the top of this page), you must fill in the following information and copy and fill out the format for yourself. After reviewing the information you've provided (and verifying that you've created your thread), you'll need to pay the registration fee and any other fees for additional items you'd like to add before I list your forum as available. Once you've done this, run daily tabs on that thread to see if there are any new updates to the cost of your stock quotes so you can keep your own thread up to date.

registration form


(b)Forum Name(/b):
(b)Forum Link(/b):
(b)Current Total Posts(/b):
(b)Thread Link(/b): (Link to your thread that you created, by using the next form for the topic.)
(b)Extras(/b): (Any added items, if wanted)

Your personal camp thread form


(b)Forum Name(/b): (your forum name)
(b)Forum Link(/b): (link to your forum)
(b)Today's Share Price(/b): (updated daily in overview thread, please see that thread daily for your current share price)
(b)Total Shares(/b): (This is the total shares you can sell)
(b)Available Shares Left(/b): (current total for purchase)
(b)Stock Buy Back Availability(/b): (Specify here if you are willing to buy back the shares you sold off.)
(b)Share Owners(/b): (Those who bought any number of shares, and the price the shares were bought at.)
(b)Forum Notes(/b): (Any notes you have about the forum or whatever else.)

(b)Form to Fill out to Purchase or Sell Shares(b)
(b)Buying or Selling?(/b): (Are you buying or selling?)
(b)How Many Shares(/b): (The amount you want to buy or sell.)
(b)Current Price(/b): (The current value per share.)
(b)Total Price(/b): (The total value of your request.)

Extras for sale
Increase of the starting share price by 100 FP: 300 FP
Increase of the starting share price by 250 FP: 750 FP
Increase of the starting share price by 500 FP: 1500 FP
Increase in available shares:

250 FP per 1,000 shares
500 FP per 2,500 shares
1,000 FP per 5,000 shares
2,000 FP per 10,000 shares
3,000 FP per 15,000 shares
4,000 FP per 20,000 shares
5,000 FP per 25,000 shares