frameworks – What are Ionic Angular’s advantages over Angular with plain HTML+CSS?

I’m part of a team that has just started using Ionic and I’m wondering, what advantages does it bring to the table?

Personally, so far all the development I’ve done with Angular was using HTML + SCSS and, occasionally, Material Angular.

Here’s what I think Ionic can do for me and the team:

  • Adapt the style according to look like an iOS or Android app

    • The app we are working on doesn’t benefit much from this
  • Add animation on transitions between pages

  • Provide components like ion-toggle, ion-datetime, and ‘ion-slide’

    • This does add value to us. Although there are components like ion-picker that don’t work with formControl

As for cons of using Ionic so far I noticed our templates are more verbose compared to HTML equivalents and that components cannot be customized with regular CSS but instead must use specific extension points.

Are we missing something? Being inexperienced using Ionic we as team may not be seeing pitfalls we’d face if we go with the HTML + SCSS route.

Also, could we go with HTML + SCSS and spring Ionic components as needed? Or is it an all or nothing type of deal?