france – Obtaining citizenship and then “overstaying” old visa

I live in France and I am a third-country national (Brazil). I entered France in 2019 with a one-year visa, then renewed it in 2020 and got a two year visa until August 2022. I will soon recognise a jus sanguinis citizenship of Italy, which I did not “oficially” had when I entered France. This will give me a passport than in theory enables me to live in France without the need of a visa.

Now I would like to know what will happen in the case I do not return to Brazil (or leave the Schengen area) before August 2022, and try to return to Brazil after that. This would mean that, in the moment of boarding the plane to Brazil, I will have: A brazilian passport with an entry stamp of three years ago (in which is my visa for one year), a Titre de Sejour (Visa card) which expired in August 2022, and an Italian passport that does not state when I entered France.

Would there it be a problem in this case? I would like to assume the pickiest immigration officer possible. Are there any legal grounds in which I can be considered an illegal resident in France? If so, what should I do to prevent this?