Free Giveaway of 50000 Product keywords from Amazon

I have been scraping keywords from many search engines such as Google, bing, yahoo, amazon and ebay for years and built a 450 Million+ keyword database till now and using it for many of my projects.

I have learned and started my business with digital point in 2005 and grown a lot because of this community. I’m giving 50K keywords for free and will be adding any free request to the fellow team members.

Below are the options I can provide.

1. You can request keywords and I can share a file locker URL. Once the survey is completed, you can download the file.
2. Selling this service in Fiverr and you can buy from there.
3. Selling the entire database at $10k.

If you are interested in any of these, please send me a PM.

50000 Keywords file for download –