Free high-end SEO advice in return for data

Hello digital point,

I offer free high-end advice for SEO optimization. I will analyze your Google Analytics and Google Webmasters data and give you recommendations based on this data. This is a service I have billed to customers over $ 100 an hour. In most cases, I will give you SEO recommendations that can significantly increase your traffic.

In return for these free services, I may use your historical Google Analytics and Google Webmasters data to optimize an algorithm for SEO recommendations.

This should be a win-win situation, you get high-end SEO consulting services, I get data that I need for my algorithm (which doesn't cost you anything).

In order to be eligible for this service, your websites must be in English and have at least 50 current organic visitors per day (ie visitors from Google search). Your website can be in any niche.

Anyone interested? Please post here or send me a private message! We will then discuss the details.