FREE OTT / xVOD Platform

BOTTOM LINE: We’re offering a Pay-As-You-Go OTT and xVOD platform. FREE setup, NO monthly fixed costs.

We offer affordable VOD and RTMP streaming for video. Our service allows you to grow your application’s audio/video capabilities without limit – there is no upper cap on usage. NO 3rd party branding, the platform built will be on your domain with your branding.

Upfront cost: $0

Monthly fixed cost: $0

The variable cost would depend on the package you go for, roughly speaking it comes to $0.001 per minute.

~: The Plans :~

OTT / xVOD SaaS Platform

Customized Look & Feel*

Unmetered bandwidth usage

Unlimited concurrent connections

Unlimited disk space

Unlimited length videos

Transcoding to 6 formats (2x mobile, 2x tablet, 2x desktop)

No FTP access (Web panel)

24 hour Snapshot backups

CDN with 40 zones worldwide

Permanent Cache option*

Price Per Month: $0 (limited time offer)

One time setup fee: Free (limited time offer)

Usage fees: $0.001 per minute of video viewed/streamed

Connect with us:

– WHT via PM

– Email with “WHT” in the subject

– Linkedin / Facebook connect with us “Wherrelz” and we’ll help you out there as well

* = may have costs, please discuss