Freebies – Win 250 BMF every week! | Proxies-free

Here , I am with another giveaway but this time it’s more interesting concept!

You guys need to guess what would be the price of Bitcoin on every Sunday ( Time – 6:00 A.M , GMT). And comment in this thread, the price of Bitcoin in USD. You can comment anytime , any day between Monday 6:00 A.M , GMT and Sunday 6:00 A.M , GMT. (anytime between the gap of 6 days).

I would be looking at the price of Bitcoin every Sunday at 6:00 A.M GMT and rewarding a single user with 250 BMF Points whose guess is exactly the same or very close to the real bitcoin price on Sunday , 6:00 A.M , GMT.

This would happen every week , YEA!

So , start posting the bitcoin price from tomorrow ( September 14) (6:00 A.M GMT onwards) !

Goodluck guys !

Note – It is not allowed to post 2 bitcoin prices for the same week , otherwise he/she will be ignored from rest of the giveaway. One user should post a single bitcoin price for a week giveaway.