freebsd – Pfsense Web Configurator Doesnt Work

I am recently having this issue whenever i try to access to pfsense web gui, the connection time out, i use nmap to scan port 80 and 443 and those ports are not available, also used the -Pn argument on nmap and nothing, i was navigate on my webgui normally and when i configured the TrafficShaper that i try to apply this issue appeared. I tried to connect to ssh and use
11] Restart webConfigurator
and later
16] Restart PHP-FPM
and vice versa and none of those works.
By the way pfsense still working, ssh still up, all computers behind the pfsense can access to internet through pfsense. So the only problem is that webGui is not longer responding.
I hope someone can help me and thanks beforehand.
Last option will be reset everything from zero.