freeradius – pfsense Captive Portal error:: “RADIUS ACCOUNTING FAILED : No valid RADIUS responses received”

I’m using pfsense Captive Portal and freeradius package with mysql backend. I’ve configured both for auth and acct for them.

Now, when a user is connected, I see an entry in my acct table, but…

That entry is never updated, though I’ve enabled Interim acct update on CP setup page. Tried enabling “re-auth every min” under CP/Zone Settings, played with “Disable Acct_unique” under Freeradius/settings, but those didn’t change anything.

Summery: Fist insertion is happening to the acct table but no more updates and an error in CP log at around every 10 min: “RADIUS ACCOUNTING FAILED : No valid RADIUS responses received”.

I’m directionless. Someone show me some pointer. Thanks.