Fujifilm X-Pro 1 EVF blurry image only when shutter not pressed (or half-pressed)?

I am new to photography so please excuse me if my question is basic. I tried to find this issue online but couldn’t.

I have just bought a used Fujifilm X-Pro 1, and everything seems to work just fine except for the EVF. The issue is when I simply point the camera at things, the image in the EVF is quite blurry. It’s only when I half-press the shutter that the image on the screen becomes clear. When I look in the optical viewer, the image is fine. But I would prefer to use the EVF.

When I look at the blurry image, it just looks wrong. It’s not blurry in that my camera settings need to be fiddled with, but blurry to a severe extent, like when you put in too many eyedrops. Usually, when I half-press the shutter, the photo is ready to be snapped, but this is adding the extra step of having to half-press and then waiting for the EVF to adjust in order to confirm the image looks alright and finally take the photo.

Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated.