functions – Have plots labeled as “1.” “0.75” “0.5” “0.25”. Need plots labeled as “b=1.00” “b=0.75” “b=0.50” “b=0.25”

f is a function a single variable (x) and it depends on a parameter (b). It was plotted as shown below. I am looking for a modality to change the labels. Currently, the plots are labeled as “1.” “0.75” “0.5” “0.25”. I would like to include the symbol for the parameter in the label and to write each associated numerical value using two decimals, i.e., “b=1.00” “b=0.75” “b=0.50” “b=0.25”.

f(x_) := ((1 + x^2) b)/2

Table(Labeled(f(x), b), {b, {0.25, 0.50, 0.75, 1.00}})), {x, 0, 1})