Funny Hosting Incident | Proxies-free

I LOL! whole 2 days.. and don’t find out the reason!

I make FREE files hosting site offer people 10TB Hosting for free + 100TB Hosting for Paid.
To maintain that over 22 months I added like 5 NAS from DC + Host BIG Dedicated Server + B2 in the backups process if anything fails so I can easily recover.

I get like 10 people. 2 are paid. I asked people why they don’t subscribe so everyone showing bullshit excuses. My site wasn’t down for a bit. But I was hoping Hugh users takeover I run some ads.. after 6 months what I got is 170562 users only 50 users are barely active or uploading anything.


I asked the reason but most of them said NOTHING. 2 months ago I announced I will downgread all the storage capacity. Well, yesterday the day I downgrade the capacity because it’s just killing unnecessary money burn. SO now 100GB for Free and 2TB paid members. In 24hrs my 20+ users turn into a Paid members.

Seriously>>! any Webmaster if has a clue let me know.