Future improvements for the finite element method

How should the FEM framework (finite element method) be extended in the language to be more useful?

With version 12.0 all basic FEM solvers (linear, nonlinear, stationary, transient, harmonic, parametric, eigensolver) are implemented. As many of you know, I'm the developer of FEM in Mathematica. As such, I have no questions about the language or the framework that I can put here. My main purpose on this website is to help you make the most of the FEM framework. However, on this page, I would like to name people who they are to actively use the FEM framework a voice in what you think could be useful extensions / improvements to the framework.

What are suggestions for improvement or missing functions that you think would make working with the FEM easier?

When writing an answer, please try to be as accurate as possible. You may receive code that demonstrates the problem. Limit your answer on Items. Try to be reasonable. Hopefully, when I vote on different proposals, I get an idea of ​​what is useful to most people, and can prioritize accordingly. Please also understand that I can not promise that all the action requested will be implemented and that it may take some time for the requested action to actually materialize in the product.