FutureHosting & Nexcess | Web Hosting Talk

Hi all, just signed up to post as I couldn’t find any posts about the recent news from Futurehosting being absorbed by Nexcess. (apologies if there are any, I couldn’t find them).

Received an email end of August that said the following:

We have exciting news! Future Hosting is moving into the Nexcess brand and cloud platform. With this change, comes upgraded options for your business.

Why change now?

Since 2014, Future Hosting and Nexcess have been sister companies. We share the same network in our six geographically diverse data centers around the world and our teams have been committed to serving and providing you with reliable, secure, and highly available web hosting solutions. And that will continueÂ… now on our high-performance, industry-leading Nexcess Cloud platform.

What changes with my service?

You will receive upgraded hardware, package specs and security updates. You will still receive cPanel on the cloud platform so your experience stays the same as it is today. Your cost and IP addresses will not change.

Now, I have no experience of Nexcess so am slightly wary/nervous of the move – have people’s experiences with Nexcess been generally good?

It took me a long time to research and sign up with FutureHosting back in 2015 (having lurked and read the posts on this site) and I’ve been really happy with them – really fast at responding to support tickets and fixing any outages – plus the current VPS has Plesk (a panel I know my way around) but the migration to Nexcess doesn’t offer plesk as an option, cPanel only (which I’ve never really liked using – perhaps I just need to spend time getting used to it).

So, is anyone else in the same position, have experience of Nexcess, or can perhaps recommend a UK-based VPS server with Plesk unlimited domains at a comparable price (currently paying around $48 per month with FutureHosting?

Thanks in advance for any help or feedback.