game design – Reduce the number of skills

I have some special moves in my pixel art RPG game that I call “skills,” similar to the skills in Cross Code. You can unlock them by earning points and points will be obtained when you reach the next exp level.

Skills are divided into subgroups in this way: weapon – element – type – level

From each of those subgroups (containing 3 level-one skills and two level-two skills), you can choose 1 level-one skill and 1 level-two skill(you can change them whenever you want)

Obviously, you won’t get them at the beginning of the game. level-one skills will be unlocked in the middle of the game and later on, level-two skills will be unlocked. and when they become unlocked, you can use points to purchase them.

Level-two skills are just level-one skills with some modification (but it doesn’t exactly look like its level-one)

“Types” determine how the skill acts and they are: attack – defense – dash – co-op

So, with 4 weapons and 8 elements and 4 types and 2 levels, and 3 skills in each level, there will be a total of 768 skills and it’s A LOT. does anyone knows how to reduce this huge number?

I can’t reduce the number of elements or weapons.