game design – Slots – Reel with a predefined symbol positions or make each symbol change independently on the others

I’m making a slot machine game and I need some advice on how to implement the spinning reels or how it’s usually done. Right now, I’m thinking about two different approaches that would make sense – if you know any other way to implement this, please do share – and I don’t know which one is better or the more common (if either of those is even right).

Approach No.1 – Predefined Reels

In this approach, the symbols on the reels are predefined and fixed in place (akin to how it’s done on the old-school mechanical slots) and the reels rotate like this.

Approach No.1 Illustration

Approach No.2 – Random Symbols

Here all the symbols are randomly chosen on the go, just before the symbol appears in the view.

Approach No.2 Illustration

Which one of these approaches is the right way to go, if either. Are there any alternative solutions that are used normally?