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Sport was created ‘for men by men’ which can potentially trace back to why sexism is such a prevalant issue in not only sport, but even modern life.

That’s a very bold statement, do you have proof?

Well it is a phrase that gets used a lot in my lectures and to me it makes sense (I also used potentially later on to show my opinion and intepretation). I believe because womens sport has always been frowned upon in some way or another from earlier times, right up to still facing contemporary issues. Issues of course date back further than the example of the 1896 Olympics where no women officially competed to this week of Tayla Harris’s incident.

The history of sport is important for me here before civilisation, when sports were very physical and rough, with few if any rules. Then in victorian times with women just being seen as housewifes and such. In history I don’t believe womens participation was taken seriously enough. They seemed to just be used for spectators and aesthetical reasons.

We can presume these issues are reducing but stereotypes are still existing. Perhaps not enough people are challenging gender stereotypes and ‘normal behaviour’ and that we need to see more ‘male dancers’ or ‘female boxers’ for instance. There also needs to be more appreciation for the individual in their reflective sport. This means not comparing womens premier league football to the mens premier league, and simply enjoying it for its own purpose.

I say let things just run naturally. I mean, certain guys are piano players – often scolded as being unmanly – and some women are drawn toward boxing or basketball.