geometry – What is the angle x value in the figure below?

For reference: The figure, ABCD is a parallelogram. T and C are points of tangency. Calculate x.

enter image description here

My progress:
I marked the angles I could find…but the main one is missing

$triangle AEB (isosceles) implies measuredangle BAE = 80^circ~and~ measuredangle FAB = 100^circ\
FAJB (cyclic quadrilateral) implies measuredangle BJF = 80^circ~and~measuredangle GJB =100^circ\
therefore JBGI: measuredangle G = measuredangle B = 80^circ~and measuredangle I = 100^circ\
measuredangle MBE = frac{overset{LARGE{frown}}{BE}}{2} =40^circ\
measuredangle BEH = 130^circ$