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Ben Adkins – Cold Email Clients


Cold e-mail clients

Unlock the 10 powerful email templates that allow you to reach potential customers without leaving home.

What you get in it
The 6 parts to a perfect cold email. You will learn the key ingredients of how to create cold emails with 6 key elements from scratch.

To avoid being marked as spam during cold email, you'll learn exactly how to avoid the dreaded spam folder the first time you email.

The legal issues with cold emails: You'll know exactly when you can contact an entrepreneur by email.

Find the Best Email Address for a Business: Learn how to find the best email address to send to an prospective customer.

The perfect time to send a cold email You'll find out exactly how we set the best time to send our cold emails so they do not get spilled under other emails.

Researching a Prospect: Here you can choose which of the 10 cold email scripts will fit you perfectly and ask for an answer.

Our 10 "Perfect Cold Emails" scripts: 1) The "Recommended by" script. 2) The script "Common Acquaintance". 3) The "Congratulations" script. 4) The script "Replace or Assist Open Position". 5) The "bold bribe script". 6) The script "Something of interest". 7) The "Shake Your Hand" script. 8) The script "Video demo with trial version". 9) The "QVC Cold" script. 10) The List of Benefits script.

[Platinum Only] The Full Cold Email Followup Logic and Script Pack.

[Platinum Only] Why should you contact every cold email customer?

[Platinum Only] How to decide which script to track with.

[Platinum Only] Our 18 powerful follow-up e-mail templates (we use them to always send something to a prospect and stay "top of mind"), which is important because it helps them remember who we are when we call to schedule a meeting.)

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