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Ben Cummings – Amazon Fast Track UPDATE 16 Nov 18


"I've just earned $ 114,000 a month in my Amazon business. I rank on the front page for every product I publish … and did all this work.
Would you like to earn this money with your Amazon label?
I can tell you that it is absolutely possible.

I know because I live proofs.

I've been on Amazon for a relatively short time. I have already reached $ 114,000 / month, of which I get a large part of it, which I can keep as pure profit.

The reason for my success with Amazon, however, is that I do things very much differently than what is taught in ASM, many of which are totally unwise.

… and the most important…

I've developed a number of unique "marketing and ranking methods" that are not used by anyone else who works exceptionally well and has proven in my own Amazon companies.

There are only three things I need to focus on in my Amazon business:
1) Ranking my products on page one, as fast as possible.

If you are on page 3, you can also be on page 300! Just as when ranking a website on Google when you are not on page 1, you are irrelevant. Amazon works the same way.

2) Get as many five-star reviews in no time for my new product.

If people use Amazon and click on your listing, if the headline and images look nice, then what do they all do?

You scroll down to read your reviews!

If you only have a couple of reviews, you will not get Impulse buying … and … you will not stay in the rankings either.

3) Search for hot products for sale

I have a simple goal:

$ 10,000 / month per product.

This is a conservative goal, because in my experience you can do more than this – but that is my original goal.

To get $ 100,000 / month in sales, I need to release 10 good products.

I like to keep the business "simple". And making $ 100,000 a month is so easy.

I recently surpassed that goal after generating sales of $ 115,000 with fewer than 10 products.

"I think I cracked the code for shunting a product on Amazon on Amazon."
But I have to show you something else …

Something that really opens your eyes.

Every single product I personally launched on was proactively ranked on Amazon on page 1, usually in less than 12 days.

Yes – in every single case.

Yes – even in two extremely competitive niches

Yes – across multiple product categories.

"What the hell is your secret?"
As you can see, my achievements at Amazon are no coincidence.

I have provided you with numerous proof screeshots, income recordings, and ranking credentials that relate to my own products and all current ones.

I hope I have shown you by now that I know my shit. As my Amazon business grows and reaches high six-figure values ​​per month, you will see me change from the "guru" business and return to my roots as an entrepreneur, address our phenomenal growth and skip all retail customers and "pay" slave ", Projects without leverage.

The reason I appeal is that, as a coach, you will no longer have access to "Ben Cummings" in the future. Honestly, why should I care about education and advice when I can do a lot more in my Amazon business (for less time and effort)?

My goal has always been to build a big business that can be sold for millions of dollars and "retire" on the island of Saint Barth. I've been concentrating on achieving that goal in the next 36 to 48 months.

So if you want to tap Ben, this is probably the last chance to access my brain and learn from me how to crush it on Amazon to learn these Master Marketing Skills so you can achieve yours as well own version of "Retreat to Saint Barths".

What leads me to the purpose of this "final" sales letter that I write to you …

Amazon Fast Track Monthly Coaching Club – A very limited opportunity.
I recently hired 10 private students for one-to-one tuition, but I closed the doors because I just do not have the time to do private counseling …

And unfortunately, I intend to never win more private 1-on-1 coaching customers again.

However, as soon as I stopped receiving new customers, we received daily emails from people who wanted to learn from me.

What should I do???
I decided that, instead of one-to-one training, I would be willing to train a small elite mastermind group of high-level performers and "virtual" meet through in-depth training webinars.

It would not be just fun.

It would not just be great networking for both of us.

It would also allow me to take some of you "on a trip" to the top of Amazon as we all thrive and grow together.

Well, that was an exciting perspective for me and the reason why I decided to found this very limited Amazon Monthly Coaching Club.

Let me tell you the details of what you will receive.
To qualify for a spot, you MUST have acquired the ASM course and not refunded, as I do not teach ASM in this program! This coaching program is no substitute for the great content you learned from the ASM course. However, this coaching leads "to the next level"!

Second, Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos recommend this coaching club to their ASM Masters … and that's great! If you know something about these two, they almost never lend their names to projects unless they fully believe in it! I was very flattered that they joined and supported this project. (Thanks guys!) This monthly coaching club is offered only to ASM Masters. So you have to be an ASM Masters customer to be eligible.

I keep the format of this simple and powerful. It's about training you, showing you my many marketing and advertising methods and then taking action. It will also be about getting a wealth of five-star ratings and including your leaderboards once you've reached them. And finally, it's about rapidly expanding your Amazon business so you can hit the big numbers that lead to financial freedom and big business. It's a "Here's what Ben is doing this month to crush it on Amazon, and you have to look over the shoulder each month for the idea of ​​repeating his achievements in your own Amazon business club." ,

Summary – This is an intimate, monthly "Amazon Coaching class" held twice a month via a webinar, where I teach my tactics and methods to improve your Amazon business development faster.

Amazon Fast Track Monthly Coaching Club – Details:

1) You participate in two live webinars per month. The first webinar will focus on the Amazon Growth & Marketing Training Webinar, which will take 60 to 90 minutes.

Here I teach you (on a monthly basis) EXACTLY what I'm doing at Amazon to grow, market and scale. Get an insight into my Amazon business and my methods with the idea that you use what you've learned to duplicate my results!

2) Then every month we will do a second webinar, which is a monthly "Amazon QUESTION & ANSWER Webinar".

With this Q & A with questions and answers, you have the opportunity to ask me ANY questions you want and any issues that arise, getting help with marketing issues, and whatever else you want.

In total:
They participate in two live webinars per month
First webinar to teach tactics and tricks from Amazon that I'll NEVER reveal outside this coaching club.
Webinar 2 is an intensive monthly Q & A / brainstorming webinar with our members of the Trainer Club
If necessary, I will share documents, e-mails, advertisements, tricks, documents, contracts, etc.
You get repetitions so you can view future and past iterations at any time.

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