Get Each Digits of Number with Using Loops in C++

I need a program same as I wrote but using loops. (if else for etc.) . Program is that enter a number and get each digits of number like that: number is 123456. I’m beginner, I can’t create the logic and can’t combine loops. Can anybody help me about that situation?

1.digits is 6
2.digits is 5
3.digits is 4
4.digits is 3
5.digits is 2
6.digits is 1
7.digits is 0
8.digits is 0
9.digits is 0


#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

    int main() 
        int number,first,second,third,fourth,fifth,sixth,seventh,eighth,ninth;
        cout<< "Enter a number (<999999999): " << endl;
        first = number%10;
        second = number/10%10;
        third = number/100%10;
        fourth = number/1000%10;
        fifth = number/10000%10;
        sixth = number/100000%10;
        seventh = number/1000000%10;
        eighth = number/10000000%10;
        ninth = number/100000000%10;
        cout<<"1. digit is"<<" "<<first<<endl;
        cout<<"2. digit is"<<" "<<second<<endl;
        cout<<"3. digit is"<<" "<<third<<endl;
        cout<<"4. digit is"<<" "<<fourth<<endl;
        cout<<"5. digit is"<<" "<<fifth<<endl;
        cout<<"6. digit is"<<" "<<sixth<<endl;
        cout<<"7. digit is"<<" "<<seventh<<endl;
        cout<<"8. digit is"<<" "<<eighth<<endl;
        cout<<"9. digit is"<<" "<<ninth<<endl;
        return 0;