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Jenna Soard – the Course Launcher


I wish you could clone yourself.

While you want to leave the 1: 1 client hamster wheel, you will not have time for the first course and will start to benefit passively.

The current online sales world is not exactly announced.

and things like webinars, sales funnels and email marketing are a total mystery to you.

You need to encourage yourself with a delicious dose of confidence and clarity

around what you are doing right now (so you do not guess over the "right" over and over again)

Are afraid to choose the wrong price idea

because you do not want to waste another second of your precious time (or, what's worse, create a course nobody wants) * GULP *

Spent a lot of time dreaming about skidding your laptop

from the next roller coaster, as wrestling with technology.

Are patient

They sit on the sidelines, turn their thumbs and wait for the cosmos to align. Then your fairy dives out of the bushes to give you new shoes, and everything is PERFECT.

But the kick of hard love coming straight from my aviator boots says

You lose money – and possibly a lot – with every second you miss, you do not sell a course.

And I understand.

(Pinky swear, I do.)

But the kick of hard love coming straight from my aviator boots says

You lose money – and possibly a lot – with every second you miss, you do not sell a course.

Learn how to ask potential students in the right way so that you can actually get answers (and feedback that you can use).
Build a popular course that people can not stop bragging about with their friends
Create a landing page and beta tester application without banging your head on the desk or crying in the shower for tech frustration
Get your course into the hands of up to 15,000 amazing beta testers who will actually do the work!

Learn the basics of video production, screen capture and editing so you can keep up the momentum after the 30-day course

Design interactive courseware PDFs to motivate (and impress) your students
Creatively transform a "video bumper" to instantly polish and professionalize videos you propel forward

Set up your membership platform without being overwhelmed by putting chocolate truffles on the table or asking your postman for help
Organize your classroom as intuitively as possible for the students, so that technical problems or confusions naturally do not prevent you from completing your course
Set up your email marketing system to prepare for your beta test so everything runs like silk
Use templates to make the on-boarding process for testers as easy as possible and save you time spent in the right words

Conduct new student surveys to see where you can optimize (and where to throw it out of the park).
Get to know the technology behind the consultation so you are not afraid … and start being one of your favorite parts of a class
Discover proven techniques to give Facebook groups the opportunity to get involved through the ROOF (and straight into the stars).
Develop your welcome e-mail template and make sure you always leave a first-class impression
Start your pilot program with up to 100 beta testers to iron the kink and make sure you're ready for LAUNCH
Conduct your course with the support of me and the community so you can always get encouragement, understanding and advice with the click of a mouse

Conduct end-of-course surveys to make improvements your students are fanatic (and keep coming back to)

Learn how to get students to send the most VALUABLE credentials
Create an ideal student avatar based on real students so you can get a clear picture of who you are selling to + adjusting marketing accordingly

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