Get to know OSRS Sins of the Father Quest – Forex Training

The RuneFest 2019 revealed some details of the upcoming quest OSRS Sins of the Father. Read the following information to learn the quest requirements, rewards, and more.

What are Sins of the father Conditions?

As a continuation of the Myreque quest series, OSRS Sins of the Father is a master-level quest to be released in the future. The players will meet Lord Lowerniel Drakan in person and unlock one of the rewards to access the capital of the vampires, Darkmeyer. The requirements of the OSRS quest "Sins of the Father" include:
Perfection of a touch of hope
Completion of the vampire hunter
62 woodcutting
60 fletching
56 crafts
52 agility
50 attack
50 hunters
49 magic

What are rewards from Sins of the father?

Fulfilling the sins of the Father will reward you with:
2 quest points
Access to Darkmeyer
Improved Ivandis Flail
New Drakan's medallion teleported
3 volumes of experience (3 x 15,000 XP)
Darkmeyer is the capital of Morytania in the Sanguinesti region north of Meiyerditch. It is inhabited by vampires and ruled by Lord Drakan, his sister Vanescula Drakan and his brother Ranis Drakan. The vampyric inhabitants derive most of their blood from the blood that flows in the run-down neighboring ghetto Meiyerditch.

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