Get top of google rank via behance. net guest post for $5

Get top of google rank via behance. net guest post

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behance is a huge powerful site with a very high domain authority and trust. It is a great tier one branded account to bring freshness of links and traffic to your website. When content does well on behance it is good for SEO. Behance post the content they discover on ted tot heir social media accounts, blogs, YouTube channels, etc. If the post is a text post on ted, it can also rank high in search engines. This then leads to more referral traffic.

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Is this a one time fee? >> Yes, this is a one-time fee and these links are permanent.

Are your sites indexed on Google? >>Yes, our sites are indexed on Google.

Do you accept foreign language keywords/website? >> Yes, we do – although your content will be in English.

What type of content do you use? >> We use high-quality,readable niche related 500+ words manually spun contents for each post.

Can I get samples? >> Yes, message me to get sample links.

Do you provide reports? >> Yes, we will provide a complete and detailed excel report of live links.

How long to process the order? >> Minimum of 1-3 days drip feed is mandatory.

Do you guarantee results #1 website ranking >> I wanted to make this section extremely clear. We are selling links here. We are not selling guarantees that you will hit #1.