git – Why is my Unreal Engine project not creating the needed .dll files after being pulled from gitlab?

I am working on a group project in Unreal Engine, using gitlab to collaborate on the project. However, the branch I’ve been working in was giving an error when people pulled it and tried to run the project.

The following modules are missing or built with a different engine version:

“The name of the project”

Would you like to rebuild now?

We eventually worked out it was due to a number of .dll files in the binary/win64 folder, that weren’t being pushed to gitlab. Pushing these to gitlab allows my project to work on other machines, however I’ve been told that pushing the binary folder and .dll files is both unnecessary and bad practice as they should be generated while the project is building.

Can someone see why my .dll files aren’t building? Cloning other peoples branches to my machine works fine, its only mine that doesn’t seem to work properly.

The branch was cloned from a project made in 4.25.3 and edited in 4.25.2. I’ve now updated to 4.25.3 and the problem persists. The only other difference I can think of between my branch and everyone elses is that I created a few c++ classes that I built off of, while everyone else is just using blueprint. I’m working on a windows 10 machine, I’m not sure what OS other people are using but I believe they’re all windows machines.