gmail – AMPHTML Email – AMP forms are blocked on Android and do not work under IOS

I am working on AMPHTML Email and have two main problems:
1. I can not debug or preview the code. I confirmed the code
However, the result on the AMP playground or as an AMP site is fundamentally different from the final email I receive in my email!

  1. All AMP images do not work
  2. AMP Forms can download it to the iPhone, but it has blocked the Gmail app on Android due to "Javascript forms are disabled".

Here is the code that I test on mobile:




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It works well as AMP HTML in the browser, but it does not work at all if I send it by e-mail!

This is how it looks on the real devices (Android / IOS):

This is what it looks like on Android / Gmail APP

That's what IOS looks like

And it does not work on both !!!