Gmail Auto Suggest Not Working

I installed Lineage 14.1 and then flashed: on my rooted ZTE Axon 7.

I let the phone do all the updates and checked the permissions for Gmail, Calendar, and Contacts and they seem set properly; however, in Gmail, the addresses of known contacts don’t populate on a new email or forward. Similarly the Calendar won’t let me choose invitees for a meeting. Contacts and Calendar are properly synced.

I subsequently deleted my Google account and all its data and reflashed Gapps again. This forced Gmail to ask if I wanted auto suggestion (or auto complete). When I tried to click on the option, it feels like it never allowed me to complete the selection. In the app permissions Gmail has access to contacts, and no amount of selecting or unselecting does anything. I can choose to i”add from contacts,” but this is very clunky.

I consider the lack of autocomplete for Gmail (and calendar) enough that I might have to nuke the device and go back to stock.

I have googled to find a solution, to no avail. I’ve also searched the forums. Any ideas?