gmail – How to disable SafeLinks for NOT accounts?

I’ve noticed that since about Dec 15th 2020, links in a lot of my emails are rewritten to link to, and I have no idea why or how this is happening.

Important!!! I’m not using, and emails are not coming from as far as I can tell.

The emails are in my GMail account, and most but not all emails are affected.

The emails that have links replaced are from a sample of senders such as: NYT, Facebook, TED, LinkedIn, Banks, StackOverflow, online stores, NPR, etc.

Emails that don’t have links replaced are just a few: Craigslist, Google originated notifications like Google Calendar, and from some friends.

All the instructions for getting rid of it point to going to account, clicking on Premiere settings, and turning it off there. The problem is, I don’t use (though my MS account login is the external email address that seems affected), I don’t have Premiere account, and I don’t even see how emails get intercepted by Outlook Safelinks, which is already really, really creepy.

Before anyone starts argue for why to keep it: it’s creepy and I never opted into it; it’s broken b/c now some of the links in emails do not work; Google’s spam filter is now much more aggressive such emails and most of them go to spam folder; some emails’ links are now broken (few store emails and facebook notifications links are now completely bust); good practice of check link before you click is now useless b/c I’ve no idea what I’m clicking on; when service dies (and it’ll die – nothing, especially in tech, is forever) all saved emails’ will have broken links; bad actors can take advantage of this by sending emails (such that would bypass the service) with links pointing to (not real outlook); etc. IOW, it’s a pain in the ass.

So with me not having Outlook Premier, nor even using, nor even having anywhere in the path of emails, HOW DO I GET RID OF IT?