Go daddy suspended my site for a legal dispute I was not aware of!

I’m at a loss for words, a company got a default judgment against my site because I was never served and I didn’t respond to them and go daddy suspended my site Monday 8/30/21.

I was able to settle with them by Friday and get the judgment lifted and sent the info to go daddy to remove me from suspension and today Saturday 9/4 they still haven’t responded.

This website did about 1000 orders per day and ranked number 1 on google for 90% of the 4600 items I carry.

Now I check my ranking or even search google for a product I was number 1 on and none of my products are on google at all I lost all my ranking.

Will seo ranking come back?! Or am I just going have to start from the bottom like I did 8 years ago when I started the site