go – Golang – Splitting a string by a separator not prefixed by an escape string

I need to split a string by a separator but don’t want to split if the separator is prefixed by the escape string.

For example:

"This works\ but it\ isn't pretty." with " " as the separator and "\" as the escape string should produce the following: ()string{"This", "works but", "it isn't", "pretty."}

I wrote the following code for it:

func SplitWithEscaping(s string, separator string, escapeString string) ()string {
    untreated := strings.Split(s, separator)
    toReturn := make(()string, 0, len(untreated))
    for i := 0; i < len(untreated); i++ {
        next, ii := t(untreated, i, separator, escapeString)
        i = ii - 1
        toReturn = append(toReturn, strings.ReplaceAll(next, escapeString+separator, separator))
    return toReturn

func t(stringSlice ()string, i int, seperator, escapeString string) (string, int) {
    if !strings.HasSuffix(stringSlice(i), escapeString) {
        return stringSlice(i), i + 1
    next, ii := t(stringSlice, i+1, seperator, escapeString)
    return stringSlice(i) + seperator + next, ii

This is the playground link for my code: https://play.golang.org/p/jfHFt9_vtE7