go – JSON EOF with chained network requests

I’m trying to render graphs via a browser using a go-echarts server listener.

Container2 is receiving an incoming request from container1 (running the server), grabbing query params and then making a request to a 3rd party service, then returning a response to container1.

(Browser)->(kubectl port-forward)->(Container1)->(Container2)->(3rd party)

The JSON decoding is failing every time with EOF when arriving at container1, although working when using port-forwarding and requesting via Paw(postman equivalent) from container1.

Searching online and there are mixed responses. I tried enabling CORS and the same error occurs.

Container2 is able to decode the contents from the third party, make calculations, log the contents and then send to container1, it’s just not being decoded properly for some reason.

Is there some gotcha I’m missing? I havent verified with Wireshark, hoping this is something minor I’m missing.