godot – Is there a way to run a tool script without attaching it to a node in the scene tree?

In this answer I present a few approaches to run code in the editor. The first one is pretty much what you are already doing. If that is an option for you, it is an option for you.

The second is using EditorScript. Which technically accomplishes the “without attaching it to a node in the scene tree” requirement. But it is limited in what it can do.

The third is using EditorPlugin. Which solves the “run a tool script on project load” requirement. Except, oh, surprise, the Godot IDE has a scene tree, which is not the scene tree of the game. I believe that EditorPlugin is what you want.

Well, I suppose there is another way: Writing a Godot Module (with C++), which require building Godot from source to include. See Compiling.

tool script

As you are aware, you can run GDScript in the IDE by making script a tool script (using the tool keyword). And you can check Engine.editor_hint to know when the code is running in the IDE.

Following that idea, you can have tool script, where check Engine.editor_hint is true and then instance there whatever you want to run only on the editor. If what you instanced there, is only instanced thereā€¦ Well, you can forgo further checking.

And yes, I suppose you can have it remove itself.


Create a new script that inherits from EditorScript. Make sure it is a tool script. Give it a _run function:

extends EditorScript

func _run():
    print("Hello from the Godot Editor!")

This script runs from the Script Editor. With the script open, go to the File menu, and select Run. You can also use secondary click on the script on the Scripts Panel (on the left of the Script Editor) and select Run in the contextual menu.


Go to the Project menu, then Project Settings, on the Plugin tab, click create.

It will open a dialog asking about the details of your plugin. At minimum give it a Name (first field), a subfolder (second field) and a Script Name (last field). You can leave the rest blank (and even edit it later).

It will generate a script that looks like this:

extends EditorPlugin

func _enter_tree() -> void:

func _exit_tree() -> void:

This script runs on the editor only. You can enable it and disable it on the Plugin tab of the Project Settings (where you create it). And yes, this is how you make plugins/addons for Godot.

When you enable it (or when you load a project where it is enabled) it will run _enter_tree. Similarly when disabling (or unloading a project where it is enabled) it will run _exit_tree.

To be clear, these will not run when you run the game (because, again, this script runs on the editor only).

Reminder: The Godot UI is made with Godot. It has a scene tree.

The EditorPlugin API will give you access to more parts of the IDE that you usually would.

Refer to Editor plugins and plugin folder of the official godot-demo-projects repository (on Github).