Good donation platforms? | Forum Promotion

I think of a few ways that are good for donations or not:

Patreon – Patreon has been highly controversial lately, especially with regard to freedom of speech and expression, when he broke off reports of people with political views who did not really like them and did not previously communicate those requirements.

I do not know the story so well, but I hesitate to do business with a company that does such things.
The benefits of the system may include the isolation of some problems that normally plague Paypal like chargebacks (?), And it helps to separate certain brands from a Paypal account without setting up business accounts at their own rates.

However, it has some of the same problems with Paypal that I will describe below, as it is still used as the basic payment engine.

Cryptocurrencies – There is considerable controversy as in 2018, as many as one billion dollars of currency were stolen in 2018 alone (this could require a more credible source for this item) by fraudsters and criminals.

It would be deeply troubling to me if my users are stolen by being directed to them as an option for transferring money, and there could be problems with the police because they are related to crime and I would really cause a headache I do not want to handle it, even if the police visit is solved.

Paypal – The golden standard, although it is not necessarily good in all situations. If you receive too many refunds (ie, people calling your bank to say they have never made a payment), it may result in your account being wound up and experiencing significant difficulties in some countries.

You can also be all sorts of headaches to deal with.

There may be other options that I did not think about.